Wholesale Smoking Pipes

Here will be our ever-growing collection of smoking pipes which are available for head shops, glass shops and miscellaneous outlets to purchase for resell. Our market research team is top noch, and we pride ourselves in our ability to scout out great pipes which customers around the world have expressed interest in. Our additions to this list will be based on the aggregation of large public data pools, and from social media tests which measure reshare + likes from the top social media networks.

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Gandalf Pipes

Our gandalf pipes are 12 inches long and come in several colors, shapes, and sizes. Thrill your customers when they see your selection of exquisite smoking pipes on your shelves as they walk through your door. As one of the hottest glass smoking pipes in 2018, this is a must-have addition to any store front.

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Silicone Pipes

These silicone smoking pipes are created for the purpose of providing maximum durability and portability. Customers may rest easy knowing their silicone smoking pipes are virtually unbreakable. People are often frustrated after purchasing a glass pipe and after seeing the piece shattered on the floor, look for an alternative which won’t cause them the heartache of waiting for another pipe to arrive at their doorstep. This piece may or may not be their preferred smoking device of choice, through it will always act as a backup and travel piece which will prove it’s use time and time again.

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Quartz Pipes

Introducing the newest, hottest, quartz smoking pipes available in 2018. These are freshly designed by expert masons who have an eye for exactly what the marketplace is looking for. Affordable, quality, and beautiful, these quartz pipes should be your go-to selection for the upcoming year. Generally, people have two choices when it comes to quartz; crystals absent, and crystals present. Now, traditional quartz pipes are engraved from a single crystal. These pipes however, contain a cluster of crystal shards on top. People literally don’t know these exist yet.

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When it comes to stocking the shelves with a variety of high quality products, make sure you include bubblers to your selection. There are several benefits about bubblers, and when they’re compared to standard smoking pipes, these devices blow away the competition in several different categories.

The main reason customers purchase a bubbler is because they’re typically small, durable, and filter the smoke through water which is absolutely critical to having a great smoking experience. We price our wholesale bubblers at unbeatable rates, and pride ourselves in our long lasting B2B clientele.

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Hand Pipes

Enjoy high quality hand pipes which are now in stock for bulk and wholesale orders. Replace your old inventory which isn’t moving with these colorful, durable, and affordable glass pipes. People around the world are purchasing these tobacco pipes and reselling them for up to 4x the amount it costs to buy from us.

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Our selection of wholesale pipes are categorized on one thing, and one thing only. Popularity. Knowing what your customers are most likely to desire is half the battle when determining which supplies to purchase for your brick and mortar business or online shopping center. We pride ourselves in our ability to sift through the tens of thousands of smoking pipes to bring to you the top sellers of the year.

We use the power of social media analytics and the analytics of our supply partners to produce the hottest selling line of smoking pipes in the United States. Our researching software is commercial grade and reports back the approximate number of searches being performed on each product in the United States.

This method filters what’s hot, and what’s not. We only post the hottest and most sought after bulk deals because the rate at which our customer’s inventory moves is critical.

Priced for maximum ROI

Without solid margins for profit, the smoking industry would be in shambles. However, we do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Our manufacturing team is able to produce high quality pipes for sale at competitive pricing because of the way the logistics and manufacturing facilities are structured. Eager glass blowers choose to work with us because of the fun working atmosphere we provide, and the excellent craftsmanship of each pipe is a result of the excellent crew we have.

When researching your approximate return on investment in inventory, you may see that you’ll easily be able to sell these smoking pipes at retail prices of 100%-200% day in, and day out.

Elephant Pipes

There are few other pipes for sale today which are in expensive and at the same time attract a lot of eyes toward the animal pipe. Whether the image is an online store or a customer is gazing through the glass display at a brick and mortar location, the effect is virtually the same. People since the beginning of time have been attracted toward the elephant, and now they can take home a smoking pipe of their favorite exotic creature.

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