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Our wholesale smoking pipe selection contains several of the hottest detected smoking pipes in 2018. Our manufacturing partner has created a steady steam of new releases with high quality and low investment prices for you to build a profitable head shop business, online or brick and mortar.


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In 2018, we’ll be releasing coupons for the most popular smoking brands. If you’re a customer looking for a great deal, then sit back and be amazed as our coupon team saves you valuable dollars, time and time again.


Are you a social media influencer who is searching for brands to promote? Join our influencer group to be notified about advertising and brand collaboration opportunities. In the smoking industry, one of the top assets for brands in 2018 are social media influencers, and we look forward to connecting you with brands who desire your talents.


Are you a product manufacturer in the smoking industry who needs more customers? Our proprietary marketing system is designed to connect retail shops with new manufacturing talent to distribute your unique products out to the masses.