Best Chillum Pipes


One of the best ways to smoke is through the use of a chillum, otherwise known as a hand pipe or “one-hitter.” Of course, you don’t want just any chillum – you want the best! So in this article, we will discuss just where to purchase the best chillum pipes that can be had.

A chillum is one of the most basic pipes that any plant can be smoked out of. One that is traditional is going to be shaped like a tube and be hollow on the inside. Many chillums today are stylized or even encased, such as those that are meant to look like a pocket knife.

Top 2 Brands

Hightanium – Titanium Chillum


Pyptek Prometheus Pipe


The Pyptek Dreamroller is a complex smoking device with a borosilicate glass tube protected by an air-grade aluminum casing. Designed with a 1 hand instant clear carburetor which is 10x easier to draw from than a standard pipe. Afraid you’ll accidentally drop it? No problem, the built-in shock absorbing silicone gaskets have got you covered.

How To Use?

Using a chillum is simple, as you will pack your herbs into one end and then smoke it by heating the other end of the chillum from the outside.

Where to buy?

So where should you go in order to find a fabulous chillum that will suit your needs? The first location is, of course, our online head shop. The great thing about shopping for a chillum on our online head shop is that we’ve found the highest rated pieces that are for sale at prices that you will be very happy with.


However, ratings and reviews left behind by previous customers who have tried particular chillums can lead you down the right path toward one that you are bound to love. So always make sure that you take a peek at these reviews. Ratings are often shown in a 5-star form, so chillums with 4 or 5 stars are bound to be the best.

Chillums are excellent pieces when it comes to smoking herbal material. They may not be large but they are perfect for smoking on the go and some even come with compartments for storing your dry herbs. These come in glass form and metal form.

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