Dragonite Bongs – Glass Dragon Dab Rigs


If you are a collector who’s on the watch for greater Dragonite pipes so as to put in into your own group, we then recommend searching for his Instagram page @saiyanglass.

His glass pokemon dab rigs are just outstanding, and now we all have been very excited to see and also assist our friend reach the greatest tiers from the social networking world, as our entire world deserves a opportunity to respect his artwork. Saiyan’s fantastic abilities are observable since the dragon bong seems to have flight capabilities, and the whole appearance appears to sew colours.

Well done, my buddy. This Dragonite is perhaps one of the more accurate clones of a yellow flying dragon, from cartoon form, into functional glass work that we’ve ever seen. Saiyan Glass continues to do a great job in his livelihood of fabricating glass figurines with his mind and his hands over a molten hot jet of fire.

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