Electric Lotus E Liquid & Nic Salt Coupon Codes


Unrolling the discounts in time for the holidays

We’re very excited to be releasing a wide array of coupon codes in the upcoming months from several brands, some you may recognize instantly, others are the brands which perhaps will be seen world-wide in the future. We want to save you money vs. purchasing your nic salt at a vape shop, where they’ll charge you around 100% what Electric Lotus is asking for.


There are no shortage of flavors which are available for you to order online from Electric Lotus, the California based full service E liquid manufacturer who is based in Caliornia. Here are a few which we recommend you try first.

  • Strawberry Heavy Custard
  • Unicorn Heavy Custard
  • Lychee BLVK nic salt
  • Grape BLVK
  • Mystery by Air Factory
  • Peanut Jamz by Jammin Berrries.

How are we able to provide such deep discounts?

The founder of Electic Lotus, Chris Davis, is a pioneer of the vaping industry and was able to begin one of the first 20 e liquid lines in America. His connections into the vaping industry are virtually unrivaled, and he enjoys providing his customers with premium products at a price which brings us back again and again for more.

While browsing the vape site, you’ll notice that the more you buy, the more you save! In fact, business owners are even doing business with Chris, because if they buy bulk orders to distribute at their retail stores, then everyone benefits!

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