Top 9 Gandalf Pipes You Need To See Before Buying?

There’s a mystical feeling that you’ll feel as your hold a new gandalf pipe in your hand and smoke your favorite herb from the glass pipe for the first time. We’ve gathered together the highest quality pipes from around the internet to showcase on this web page. Each of these accessories have been crafted by artisans in their field, and the company who currently makes the best gandalf pipes (in our opinion) is a company called Mathematix.

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8. Rasta Gandalf Pipe

Colored with the traditional Rasta colors, this 8inch pipe was handcrafted in the USA with superior durability and performance. Let the long chamber cool the smoke as your inhale.



This handblown 8 inch glass pipe is something you can be proud of smoking. With glass beads surrounding the bowl, this unique artifact is a piece to collect.


This 12 inch glass bubbler pipe is created with borosilicate glass, and filters the tobacco smoke through a pool of water, cooling and filtering the herbs. This bubbler is a great addition to any smoking pipe collection.




This beautiful piece was created with top tier borosilicate glass. It spands 9 inches and has two bright orange tones.



Eyce Bong


Best Chillums


Goku Pipe

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