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Discover The Genius Pipe

When you are looking for the latest in pipe design and looks, while still being discrete about what you are doing then you need to check out the Genius Pipe. This is one that is fairly new to the market, but it is one that is going to allow you to get the most out of your adventure that you are going to be undertaking. Since this is such a new pipe, you should know more about it and that is exactly what will be covered here so you will know exactly what you are going to be getting.



It is a pipe that is going to provide you with the ultimate bong like filtration, but you will find that it does not have the bong that you are going to be using. Instead, this is going to be a single piece of items that you can use and know it will provide you with everything that you want to have. So this is going to be a great thing for you to have and know it will allow you to get the ultimate in filtration, but in a package that is small enough that you can fit it easily into your pocket.


Now, one thing that you will love about this pipe, is the fact that it has a very innovative cooling design. This means you can finally get the herbs that you were going to be using and have them cooled off quickly before they reach you. This is because of the way the design comes in with some of the metal dimples that are seen on the surface. This allows for the maximum amount of air flow to come over the surface, which in turn is going to help guarantee that everything is sufficiently cooled off before it reaches you. This is completely different than a water bong or other pipes that use water and often require regular maintenance to keep them operating perfectly.

Clean Up?

That brings up the next point and that is the ease of cleaning this pipe up. Unlike other pipes that seemed like they would take days to clean you will find this one is very easy to clean up and has a very simple design that makes cleaning a breeze. The pipe comes apart into three different pieces that are held together by a magnetic system. All that you have to do is take the magnet off and break it down into the three pieces and use the cleaning solution to get the pipe clean.


The stylish and compact look of this piece is something else that you are going to love. This actually has a look that is going to make you think more of a pocket protector than anything else when you start to use this. That is because it will have a case that is going to slip over the top of it and lock in place. You can even have it ready to go so all you have to do is take it off and light it when you are ready. What else is great is the look is discrete so no one will really know what exactly it is you are carrying around with you.

Being able to buy a new pipe for your collection or to use is a good thing. However, often you will find the pipes are going to have a look to them that you would never have expected to see before. This is when you should know that you can get something like the Genius Pipe that is new, innovative, and the best part is very discrete in what it is for.

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