Glass Pipes – Bulk & Wholesale

Inventory which moves, fast!

Our selection of glass pipes features many popular designs in 2018. The animal pipes are especially sought after, as well as other hand pipes with an artistic appearance to them. Our glass pipes are hand blown by artisan glass blowers, and  we offer low MOQ on all of our pipes. Profit margins are gigantic for smoke shops, online head shops, and vendors in flea markets to profit mightily from our inventory.

Elephant Pipes

Benefits of selling elephant pipes

  • People who like elephants love these.
  • They’re a unique, novelty pipe.
  • High profit margins
  • Unusually popular in 2018.

Glass Pipes

Benefits of selling glass pipes

  • High quality colors
  • Durable glass
  • Unique designs
  • High profit margins
  • Easy to ship

A Headshop’s Staple

As the legalization of cannabis occurs world-wide, we project that the demand for glass pipes will increase. More customers than ever before will be walking through the doors of a smoke shop to purchase the first glass pipe which makes a real impression. When our glass blowers are crafting their creations, they visualize a happy customer falling in love with the coloration of the glass, swirling around the pipe and into the bowl. The number one cause for a pipe not sold is one which is made without love.