Grav Labs Releases New Glass Bubbler


Functional glass company Grav Labs releases their new glass bubbler design on Vapornation before inventory arrives. These bubbler pipes look sleek and high quality and there are multiple colors being released! As always, created with borosilicate glass, the industry standard. When we judge a bubbler, we look three main categories:

  • Stability
  • Design
  • Customer Satisfaction

When we receive customer reviews about this piece, we’ll give the stability an even further in-depth look, but judging by the design, there are two stabilizers on either side of the bubbler. Great call Grav Labs!

Unique Attributes:

Spotlight: Venturi Mouthpiece

This is a brand new mouth piece design we haven’t seen before on Wise Pipes. Reportedly, there is a small chamber in which sifts the air to cool each hit. Interesting technology! I’ll be watching around the web to see people’s reviews.

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