Grav Labs Glass Pipe Review


Grav Labs is one of the top rated hand pipe manufacturers on the entire market. Their pieces get rave reviews primarily because they are all quality made and affordable options on the marketplace. In this article, we will be going over what makes Grav Labs such a good brand and some of the top products they have available in the marketplace currently.

Who Is Grav Labs?

Grav Labs is an American company that is based in Austin, Texas. They specialize in making glass pipes and accessories. Because they are so committed to making quality products, they are recognized as one of the leaders in the industry in terms of portable glass pipes. The glass that they use is among the most durable that you can find on the marketplace and the company is so confident in the overall durability of their glass pipes that they don’t even ship them with a case or bag.

Best Grav Glass Pipes:

1. Helix.

The Helix pipes that are manufactured by Grav Labs include water pipes, bubblers, and hand pipes. They range from very small and compact pipes, which offer the most portability that you will find in their line, to 8″ water pipes.

The smallest of the Helix pipes measures in at just 3.25 inches. However, don’t let the small size fool you. This particular pipe packs a punch. The pipe has micro holes placed throughout the mouthpiece which helps it offer a much smoother hit than you would be able to get in other pipes. It also features a complete roll stopper which adds to the balanced hits that it is capable of achieving.

2. Glass Spoon Pipe.

The Grav Labs spoon pipe is another extremely good offering that Grav Labs has in their line of glass pipes. This particular product is slightly longer than the Helix coming in at 4 inches in total length. This particular product is made up of a very durable glass material which makes it extremely good for those that are looking for the most durable pipes for enhanced portability. Because this particular pipe features such good durability ratings, you are going to be able to carry it with you anywhere without having to worry about breaking it. A lot of spoon pipes on the market have modeled their own products after this particular offering by Grav Labs as it was one of the first on the marketplace to feature such a design. There are plenty of different colors that you will be able to choose from if you are interested in a glass pipe like this.

3. Steamroller Pipe.

The steamroller pipe made by Grav Labs is another great option on the marketplace that offers a classic design. Because it has such an easy to use design, it is a preferred option for those that value the ease of use and cleaning. Along with this, it comes with very consistent usage and efficiency. The pipe itself is on the longer side, however, measuring in at 7 inches which means that it is much less portable than the other options discussed throughout this article. Depending on your needs and what you value, the steamroller by Grav Labs might be a preferred option because it does have two feet on it which allow for a very steady footing on just about any surface that you intend on using it on. This ultimately makes it a very easy to use the pipe.

4. Steamroller Mini.

Another option is the mini version of the Steamroller. This particular product offers much of the same features and value but measures in at a much shorter 4 inches in length which allows it to offer much greater portability than its larger brother. While the bowl is on the smaller side of things, it offers plenty of punch for its size.

There are plenty of Grav Labs glass pipes to choose from. The ones mentioned above are only some of the best available on the market.

Review Of Grav Labs Water Pipe

Water pipes are regarded as the flagship of modern smokeware lines and the same applies to Grav Labs.

The Grav Labs Water Pipe is one of those options that will be made available to the open market and is a solution people might consider. For those who are in this boat, here is a detailed look into what the water pipe has to offer and if it is the one that you want to pay attention to.

Key Features

  • Angled Mouthpiece Functionality
  • Wide Array of Colors
  • Comprehensive “Bubbler” Campers To Filter Smoke
  • Includes Robust Octobowl


1) Great Performance

The performance will captivate you as soon as it touches your lips. Water pipes are hard to create and so many companies fail to make them work properly. It’s not just about the aesthetics but about the smoothness of each puff.

In the end, this is as good as it gets when it comes to the hits. The performance is not only brilliant but as consistent as one would hope for it to be in the modern age of water pipes.

2) Reasonable Size

The size is ideal and will be noticeable as soon as you pick it up. Too many water pipes get in the way and are a tough product to use. Grav Labs has taken care of this and make sure it is easy to store away and doesn’t ruin your session.

3) Easy To Set Up

Does it take a long time to set up?

It doesn’t matter who you are, this is not going to take a long time to set up. You should have it ready to go in no less than a few minutes!

4) Quality Build

To finish off the positives, it’s the build quality that will win you over. They have thought of everything with this water pipe and it shows. You can drop it from anywhere and it’s not going to be easy to break. This is ideal for hardcore users.


1) Can Use An Ash Catcher

This is up to you but can be a good investment for those who want a cooler finish. It is all about your taste and what you are into. A lot of people don’t mind the general setup and won’t find this to be a con at all!

Nonetheless, you do want to have this in your back pocket while thinking about making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

As a whole, the Grav Labs Water Pipe is immaculately designed and an absolute joy to use for those who are ready to smoke. Most people want something that is easy to use, compact and offers the kind of hit that will make them smile. When it comes to all of these qualities, Grav Labs has outdone itself and create something that is simply magnificent. It is an absolutely wonderful product that has been crafted with a lot of patience. The craftsmanship is tremendously well done and makes it a leader in the niche.

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