Mathematix Glass Gandalf Pipe Reviews [2018 Edit]


Purchasing the perfect pipe requires attention to detail and a willingness to focus on the key features.

Too many people end up with pipes that are inferior in quality and don’t do justice to the process. Here is a look at the Mathematix Gandalf Pipes and whether they are the ideal purchase you have been in search of since day one.

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Key Features

1) Glass Feet
2) Gandalf Style Pipe
3) Wide Assortment of Colors
4) Diffused Downstem
5) Dimensions: 12″ (L) x 4″ (H)
6) Made in the USA


1) Smooth Hits

The hits are what you will be after and these are as smooth as it gets. A great pipe has to be able to manage a certain consistency to what it has to offer and that’s where things begin to stand out. The quality is simply outstanding and will leave one wanting more. A smooth hit is essential in this day and age, which is what this brand brings to the session every single time. It is a real winner.

2) Beautiful Design

The design is striking, simple, and to the point all wrapped into one.

You are able to pick between five different colors and get the one that is desirable in your eyes. Pay attention to these options because it is a wonderful product from top to bottom.

3) Ergonomic

Holding it in your hands for the first time is going to let you enjoy the value of such a magnificent product. It has the all the refined touches one would ever need with a modern pipe. It simply works and has all the details that need to be involved with high-quality pipes such as this one. You will find it to be lightweight, consistent, and safe to keep in your hands.

4) Local Brand

This is a local brand and has been around for a long time. If you want to choose from a brand that is set in the USA then this is as good as it gets. The brand has a positive reputation among the masses and is appreciated by locals around the nation. People have these pipes shipped out from end to end because of how effective they are. Trusting a local brand can be useful since it’s under federal regulations, tested, and consistent from top to bottom.


1) Colors Can Run Out Quickly

With a popular pipe such as this one, it is easy to lose out on a few colors because they’ve been purchased. For anyone that is thinking about one of these pipes, it is best to pick out the color as soon as possible instead of missing out on the one that you wanted!

Final Thoughts

In the end, the Mathematix Gandalf Pipes are a legitimate option for those who want a good balance between performance and aesthetics. The beauty of these pipes is their ability to manage well in all situations and look the part too. Anyone that is serious about a good pipe can easily put this on their list as an affordable option.

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