Top 10 Penis Pipes & Bongs


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While browsing through the internet we found a statue of a penis and it was quite large. This girl had her lips over it and we thought it was a dildo at first glance then smoke began to appear from her nose and mouth. Stunned at this odd smoke producing penis, we began looking up who the hell actually sells these things? They seem to be quite a trend these days. Females and males alike can respect the penis, and now you can take one home, suck on it, and put it on your fireplace mantle.

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A Party Pleaser

This pink penis bong stretches seemingly 8 inches high and right by the balls people place the bowl piece and light up. Imagine whipping this thing out at a party. What are the new attendants going to think as they walk in the building and people are huddled up smoking out of what looks like a dildo? I brought this to a house party in July and the women I was talking with couldn’t stop laughing for minutes when I brought this bong into view. Sort of embarrassed about all the attention it was drawing us, I tried to hide the penis pipe, but the tobacco was still burning so there was nothing I could do.














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Taking a trip back in time.


Now, you and I can probably agree that the penis is something which is enjoyed by both male and female during specific moments in people’s lives. In fact, did you know that the penis has been worshiped for thousands of years?

Sitting in a cave called ‘Phra Nang’ on an island called ‘Krabi Island’ these ancient wooden penises have been carved and here to rest for thousands of years. It’s an ancient religious belief for a certain religious group at Railay in Krabi, Thailand.

After seeing the fact that worshiping the male genitals is normal in some locations of the earth, will someone please tell us what exactly is wrong with the upcoming image? features the latest and greatest news about penis pipes and bongs. Who created these pipes? Our guess is this design is inspired by Adam himself.


Top 7 reasons to use a penis bong

  • Express your inner human
  • Being one with nature
  • Shocking old people
  • Making your friends smile
  • Making you smile
  • Frightening your parents
  • Being plain ol’ naughty

3 Types To Choose From

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found several different types of smokeable penises across the internet. There are pros and cons to each one, and the first one we’ll highlight is the most fragile of the three.
















The glass piece is by far the most fragile piece you could choose from. If you drop this, it will most likely shatter over the floor. However there isn’t a clearer option to choose from, because the other two types of material these babies are created from are not see through. To keep this piece clean after smoking will require cleaning after every few uses because the resin will stain the glass quite quickly. If you don’t enjoy keeping your pieces clean this will be dirty as !@#$ like your other pieces. Moving on…




Ceramic pieces require the least amount of cleaning to keep a clean looking appearance (on the outside). Compared to the glass piece, these penis pipes will be much more durable but nonetheless, after sucking down the smoke we should ensure we don’t drop it on the floor like a clutz.

The third type of penis pipe will be released later on in august, and we bet you can’t guess what its going to be!?

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