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Amber Gandalf


  • ‘The Amber Wizard’
  • Designed by Eagle Eye Glass
  • 1 foot long
  • Crafted with borosilicate glass
  • Smooth, glassy texture


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The color amber reminds us of a sunset which is spraying the orange color of our star across the dark green mountains. As the smoke travels through the stem piece, you lay hypnotized in the sun’s rays. A gandalf pipe gripped in your right hand. Strong, durable glass is wielded effortlessly as your mind casts dreams into your consciousness. Wondering around your mind, you feel a slimy creature grip your hand with an iron-like strength, dragging your twisting corpse through a blood-red glass mirror on the side of the castle you’re leaning against. The amber gandalf smoking pipe may have summoned a creature you weren’t ready to meet. Good luck, hero.