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Blue Quartz Crystal Pipe

Blue, blue like the wind sweeping a flower off of the ground on a chilly, stormy, spring morning.

  • Tap into the vibrational frequency of blue quartz.
  • A collector’s piece.
  • Rare, light blue chrome.
  • Vibrant color in sunlight.
  • Hand-crafted by artisans in Asia.




Gazing into a newly discovered quartz vein, we noticed blue shards of crystal scattered around the drill point. Never would we have expected to come across a rare blue vein like we had. Feeling like we hit the jackpot for our customers, we began at once to extract the treasure from the mine.

Only once in a blue moon will people come across the exact shape that we’re showing you right now on our website. We’re sad to tell you that only a few people will ever have the chance of owning one. Press the buy button when we’re in stock, and enjoy fast shipping times to your location. We recommend purchasing two right away if you have a friend who loves crystals and smoking.