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Cheech & Chong Water Pipe

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When Cheech & Chong created this water pipe, they had envisioned the tastiest rips known to man-kind.

Traveling around the world searching for the glass that would create the highest quality hit, Cheech & Chong

thought they hit the jackpot in Bolivia, when their friend from Egypt messaged them and said, “I found the greatest tasting glass that I’ve ever ripped tobacci out of.”

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • White Stem
  • 14mm Glass Bowl
  • Shower Head Perculator
  • By Cheech & Chong
  • 3 Color Options

Keep reading below to follow their journey.


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After hours of testing their friend’s judgement to make sure they flying to Egypt would ultimately be worth the trip, they took off at the airport.

“It’s borosilicate glass.” said the craftsman. “Compare the heat resistance to any other type of glass and you’ll know why we’ve brought you all the way to Egypt.”

“Why does heat resistance matter?” Said Chong.

“It’s because it preserves the flavor of the herb that you’re smoking, and it cools the draw.”

Interesting isn’t it? The heat resistance preserves the flavor, thus giving you a better taste than any other glass pipe known to man. It also cools the draw, which dampens harsh throat hits.

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White, Green Apple, Black