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Green Skull Quartz Pipe

Mined from a green quartz crystal vein in Southeast Asia, and fashioned into a functional pipe by artisan jewel-smiths.

  • Enhance your vibration with quartz.
  • Illuminate the room in beauty.
  • Vibes and herbs combine wonderfully.
  • Add this to your skull collection.
  • Cloudy-Green




Up, up into the sky we raise our vibes. Attracting that which we desire most into our lives. The quartz is scientifically proven to conduct energy through it’s rock. This is why they use it in the most luxurious watches, there is virtually no purer transmitter of frequency. Now, if you like the style of this pipe then it’s very easy to claim it for yourself. Our dedicated shipping team will have your order processed and shipped out in a jiffy. Due to the extremely high demand, we’re currently out of stock. Please come by later!