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Purple Skull Quartz Pipe

A shade of purple, a shade of blue, this quartz pipe will sure please you.

Our nickname for this beautiful creation is ‘Nightshade.’ Because of it’s ability to stand out during the day, and blend in with the shadows at night.

  • Travel Size
  • Hand Carved
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Discovered in Asia


Among the smallest in the Wisepipes collection, it’s a perfect match for the people who want to take up as little room as possible with their smoking accessories. Need to hide it in a purse or a suitcase? No problem! It’s so small that you’ll probably lose it as the contents in your luggage shift and slide. Roughly the size of your middle finger, this pipe takes an extraordinarily long amount of time to perfect, because of the tiny engravings that have to take place in order to form the skull shape as your see above. We’re excited to be releasing these purple skulls in the near future.