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‘Mother Ship’ by Snoop Dogg & Poundz

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When Snoop Dogg pictured an intergalactic icon of power, he envisioned an alien mothership.

An icon of an entire alien species. Elaborate & eloquent, the ‘Mothership’ receives respect from it’s fleet, and from neighboring alien races.

  • Dual Water Percolation.
  • Massive chamber for cloud buildup.
  • 13.4″ of handblown borosilicate glass.
  • Micro-filter technology.
  • Designed by Snoop Dogg & Pounds.

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Mothership – Behind The Scenes.

Sparking a flame and conjuring up a large cloud of yellow looking smoke, Snoop Dogg inhaled the entire cloud.
Slowly exhaling, he pronounced, “They’ll call this the water pipe mother ship.”

Snoop Dogg passed the glass piece to the right, and his friend attempted to do the same thing. Half way into clearing
chamber, his friend shook the room with a loud coughing noise, smoke sifting into the air in spirally clouds.

His face red and embarrassed at his inability to smoke like Snoop.
Quickly having another go at clearing the chamber, he began inhaling the smoke,
determined to finish the cloud’s deceiving size.

Exhaling the cloud, the room roared with laughter as the guests pointed out the light fog in the chamber, signaling that it remained uncleared.
Hazy-eyed and happy, that man will never forget how the Mother Ship owned his face.