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‘Rocketship’ by Snoop Dogg & Pounds

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Sitting near the base of a Kevin Heart rocket launch, Snoop Dogg was struck by a flash of inspiration.

With an image of ‘The Rocketship’ appearing in his mind’s eye, he pictured the design of this water pipe before it was brought to life.

  • Hand Blown by Snoop’s artisan glass artists.
  • Percolator
  • Ice-catcher
  • For Dry Herb


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Snoop’s Rocketship Vision

As the rocketship lauched into the sky, the heat wave produced from the explosion was too great for anyone to handle, so we placed an ice catcher into the tube. Ice, ice, baby!

Launch… Successful?

No rocketship will have a successful launch without a sturdy foundation, so we gave our water pipe a launch pad to keep our creation from falling over easily.

Avoiding self-ignition

Rocketships require high-grade thermal resistant material, or they’ll explode into flames. Our rocket ship on the other hand, requires a high grade glass in order to maintain a clear appearance for years to come. Snoop refused to settle for anything less than the highest quality material for his clients.