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‘Battleship’ by Snoop Dogg & Pounds


Perched atop a mast overlooking a battleship plated with bronze and silver, Snoop Dogg used his mind to etch this immaculate scene into his memory.
We found him later that night in the captain’s quarters, drawing with his sketchpad a water pipe, the very design you’ll see on this page.

  • Triple water percolation.
  • Compatible with herb & wax.
  • Unrivaled filtration technology.
  • 12.6″ tall.
  • Hand blown borosilicate glass.

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You’ll never guess what we discovered inside of Snoop’s creation.

The true beauty of this water pipe is that the micro-filtration
technology has been triple-stacked, making this water pipe
the top-shelf addition in Snoop Dogg’s lineup.

The secret behind the secret

Now, the secret to the tastiest chamber clears boils down
to the percolation design. Traditional water filtration
systems in water pipes allow large columns of smoke filter
through the system, and this is why most water pipes
fail to bring the true taste of your herb to life.

People were disappointed when they heard this

Every water pipe that doesn’t force large air bubbles
to virtually explode into small columns, is completely
missing the point of what a true percolator should be accomplishing.
Water can only filter the smoke that is coming into direct contact
with it. Large air bubbles that haven’t traveled through
Snoop’s design will carry loads of unfiltered smoke,
which in turn transfer irritants & particles directly
into your lungs.

Your invitation to spread the movement

Can you not see that Snoop is on our side? He’s revolutionizing
the entire industry, and improving our experience. Purchase
this pipe, and if we’re only half right about the quality,
your lungs and your friends’ lungs will be thanking you for
this affordable purchase that will last you for years to come.