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White Gandalf


  • White Gandalf Pipe
  • Designed by Eagle Eye Glass
  • Hand crafted with borosilicate glass
  • 9in long
  • Smoke with style


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Through a misty fog atop a cauldron boiling on a few wooden sticks and a unicorn horn, you lunge your white gandalf pipe into the hot pot of water. The white gandalf remains in-tact as the grip turns red hot. You weren’t ready to be summoning a creature with a heat conducting wand. Where are the mittens? Have you forgotten your mittens?

Unwilling to act like a sissy, your hands stay attached to the smoking pipe. White sizzling smoke appears to be radiating from your fingers but you feel no pain. You believe this is the work of the white gandalf pipe. What an interesting spell the craftsmen cast during the creation of this magical thing. You quickly buy it, it’s cheap and you feel eager to use it. The pipe has a new owner, it thinks to you.