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White Quartz Cluster Pipe

Created from a quartz cluster, this pipe is hand-crafted to perfection.

  • Your friends won’t believe their eyes when you tell them that they can smoke from this.
  • Created from a unique quartz cluster
  • Every piece is unique, because all quartz crystals are unique.
  • Gain the properties of clear quartz crystal in your life.
  • Impress a friend with this sought-after gift.


Standing around a huge pit of mined crystals, a craftsman spotted a peculiar looking cluster from amongst the crowd. “This one has the potential to be something great,” she said. Hours and hours the craftsman worked, sketching out how the rock should be cut, and the holes drilled to avoid shattering the rock. Out of all the quartz we have on our website, this is one of our favorite creations that we’ve had the great opportunity to discover and share with you. We believe in finding the highest quality crystals to share with our customers, and this one tops the list. Don’t you agree?