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Yellow Quartz Crystal Pipe

Many people say that this quartz is infused with the sun, because it’s bright yellow aura it emits as sunlight passes through the crystal.

  • Yellow lovers, we’ve got you covered.
  • Harness the frequency transmission of quartz.
  • Add this to your yellow collection.
  • Hand designed to perfection.




It emits something like a rainbow at the base, and a shade of yellow are your eyes travel up the crystal. Many people say that it looks the best in sunlight, where it’s true colors show with all of their excellence. As quartz lovers, we just had to add this one to our collection. “A keystone to our collection.” Jessica stated. Jessica is our inventory girl, and she keeps good track of the operations around our facilities. If you’ve been to the quartz mines in Asia. You never really know what you’ll find. There is a lot of dust around the air, workers chipping and drilling away into the stone. There is only so many crystals in the ground that we can dig up before the stock diminishes.