SEO For Head Shops & Smoke Shops & Vape Stores


Strugging to bring in more visitors to your brick and mortar storefront?

Our Google storefront geotargeting services will dramatically change the amount of visitors your store is receiving. We only service large cities where populations are dense, because these are the areas with the most income potential. If your smoke shop, head shop, or vape store is located in an area with 500,000 inhabitants or greater, then you should contact us to apply for our services. Our track record for increasing visitors, calls, and clicks to our client’s websites has continued for the past four years.

Read further and we’re going to break down simple steps for telling if your store can benefit from search engine geolocation.

If you open a browser like Fox and browse anonymous, then Google ‘(Your City Smokeshop) or ‘(Your city vape shop)’ and you don’t populate in the map area and in the top three and you live in a city with a population of 500,000 or greater, then you can count on your competitors driving 3 to 5 times the amount of customer than your store is.

This leaves approximately 95% of the entire industry who could benefit from online marketing services like these. Now, we will never service everybody, and when a customer comes on board in a specific city, then no more customers from that location are allowed to join our group. They’re left to fend for themselves!

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