Terms Of Service

Please read the following terms and conditions before continuing to use this website. If you are under the age of 18 years old, please exit this website immediately. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions governing this website, please exit immediately.

Table Of Contents:

Use the following table of contents to define the following terms. The three terms, “The User,” “User,” or “Users” refers to the visitor of the website, through means of a web browser. The term “admin” referrs to Wisepipes.com. “Wisepipes.com” is henceforth referred to as “Admin.”
All products listed on this website are intended for legal purposes only, and products under no circumstances may be discussed, used, or purchased in an illegal manner on Wisepipes.com. User agrees to abide by local and federal laws, and agrees to conduct research prior to ordering any product on Wisepipes.com, in order to be as close to 100% certain that user is in accordance state and/or federal law.
Drug paraphernalia slang is strictly prohibited on Wisepipes.com. Users who are found using such language will be banned from this website without notice


Admin is not responsible for any incoming or outgoing links from this website. No incoming or outgoing hyperlinks from wisepipes.com represent affiliation from either party. By entering this website by means of web browser or otherwise, user agrees that admin has not reviewed or is aware of the hyperlinks linking to or form the website.

Required Age

User must be 19+ years old before purchasing any product on Wisepipes.com. If the user purchases any tobacco products from wisepipes.com and the user is under the legal age to purchase a pipe, including, but not limited to, water pipes, pipes and pipe accessories, User is subject to local prosecution and fines. User’s legal guardians shall be solely liable for any damage resulting from any infringement of applicable state and/or federal laws.

Note: The items listed herein are intended for tobacco use only. Please exit this site if you do not accept these terms and conditions, or are not of a legal age in your place of residence to purchase smoking pipes, or if you are in a country where use of this site is not permitted.


Wisepipes.com does not offer shipping to third parties as gifts or otherwise. We are will only ship products to those who have purchased and agreed to our terms and conditions, and are 19+ years old.

We will only ship to the credit card holders name.

If the shipping name does match with the Credit Card holder’s name, then contact from Admin to User will be made in order to verify the user’s name. In circumstance that Admin cannot verify the authenticity of the User, no products will be shipped, and User will receive a full refund for their order.

Shipping Origins

We ship from the USA only.


Wisepipes.com only accepts returns on products that arrive broken, unused, or do not match the product description.
To initiate your product refund, simply e-mail media@wisepipes.com or call our support line, and we will walk you through the process step by step.
A return claim must be filed within seven days of the delivery date. We are not able to accept product returns, exchanges or offer any refund for products that have been used.
A used product has been unwrapped, and shows signs of usage, including but not limited to a distinct smell emanating from the pipe, stains, broken pieces, unoriginal packaging, and resin. Please inspect all items prior to use.

Items that have been used a prohibited from any refund. If you decide to send an item back, please be sure to package it the same way it arrived to ensure that it does not break on the way back to us. We recommend User purchases insurance that covers the full amount of the order. If User chooses not to purchase insurance and the shipment is damaged, Wisepipes.com will not offer you a refund. Once the item has been inspected and approved for re-stocking, a full refund for the purchase amount will be issued up to 5 days after restocking.

If you are returning an item because of a personal preference (for example, you want a different color) we will not reimburse the shipping cost. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable, and User is responsible for any return shipping fees incurred.

Wisepipes.com reserves the right to update and / or revise the terms of service at anytime. Wisepipes.com reserves the right to change, alter, replace, and delete any section of this website without notice, and at the sole discretion of Wisepipes.com.

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