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Top 5 Gandalf Pipes You Need To Try

by Wise Pipe

The make and model of each gandalf pipe vary, but the quality stays the same. Handcrafted with care, each glass piece is longer than your average smoking pipe.

Measuring in at 12 in. we have the 12 inch glass bubbler

This 12 inch glass bubbler pipe is created with borosilicate glass, and filters the tobacco smoke through a pool of water, cooling and filtering the herbs. This bubbler is a great addition to any smoking pipe collection.


Measuring in at 9 inches, we have the Woody Gandalf Pipe

This beautiful gandalf smoking pipe was created with top tier borosilicate glass. It spands 9 inches and has two bright orange tones.

Measuring in at a whopping twenty two (22″) we have the long blue gandalf.

And at 15 inches we have the slime green glass. You may feel like you found this one in a rare swamp.

This Slime Green Bumped glass pipe is nearly the largest Gandalf smoking device on the market. Grey colored with a green and black bowl, it looks sleek in any situation.

Last but not least, the 8″ rasta gandalf pipe.

Colored with the traditional Rasta colors, this 8inch gandalf pipe was handcrafted in the USA with superior durability and performance. Let the long chamber cool the smoke as your inhale. Perfect for smoking tobacco.