Wholesale Elephant Pipes – Bulk Glass Smoking Pipe Suppliers

Do you enjoy purchasing slow moving products?

There are products which will sell, and products which will not sell. All throughout the history of merchandising there have been people who create products which resemble an animal, and they have been doing it for years without anyone questioning exactly why. Now there’s a secret behind creating a smoking pipe to resemble an elephant, and I’ll tell you why as we progress forward.

Why Choose Elephant Pipes in 2018?

Now, the reason why we’re so excited about these elephant pipes are first, the quality of the product. When we hold these glass pieces in our hand, they feel durable. When we test them there’s not a flaw we can detect. Secondly, the profit margins we’re able to provide our resellers. Usually novelty pipes such as these go for a high price because of the extremely long amount of time it takes to create even one of these pipes. The fact that our manufacturing partners are still in business after you see the prices of these is beyond my comprehension.

The Subconscious Connection

So going back to why animal pipes are a key product to add to your storefront is because as children almost all of us watched cartoon shows, and nearly everyone has seen an elephant on television. They’re not native to the United States, they’re foreign and usually only seen at a Zoo. Now the secret behind why these are so popular we believe is because of the connection people already have with these animals.

Now when your customer sees that now they’ll be able to also use an elephant as a smoking pipe, game over! The elephant pipe is sold without you the reseller, having to  any persuade someone that this is a great deal, because they’ll already be sold after they see the great prices you’ll be able to offer. Be the catalyst to  and the feeling of an exotic world which is conjured up by your customers creative mind when they gaze across the elephant pipes sitting on the shelf.