Wholesale Glass Bubblers

Our wholesale bubblers are created with high quality glass tested for ultimate durability & smoke cloud creation. Available in several colors, these are the hottest selling glass bubblers in 2018.

Blue & Pink

Blue & White


Red & White

Yellow & Blue

Why Do Customers Choose Bubblers?

  • Light, portable, and compact.
  • Smoke filtration through water.
  • Inexpensive
  • Colorful
  • Higher quality experience vs. regular pipes

Wholesale Information

  • Low MOQ (25 units per SKU)
  • Price inclusive of shipping
  • Quick turnaround time

Our glass bubblers are unique and stylish. Priced for maximum ROI, these are a perfect addition for your brick and mortar or online store front. As an obvious upgrade from a standard hand pipe, customers who have tried these smoking pipes know the difference between water filtration and no filtration is large, and in fact more people are apt to purchase this smoking device because their lungs just feel better than using a regular pipe.